Less Time Planning, More Time Doing!
Get more done without the frustrating back and forth. Scheduling meetings has never been faster OR simpler. Increase productivity with Agendex.
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The Full Picture at Your Fingertips!
Enjoy the benefits of one global view of all calendars across multiple organizations, all at once and all in one place, your screen. No more calendar import/export.
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Schedule Meetings in One Click!
Share your calendar availability in a snap and allow internal (and external!) users to view, click and book instantly from any device.
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Schedule Meetings Like a Pro & Boost Productivity By 100% Completely FREE

For 45 Days When You Enhance Calendar Sharing With Agendex!

What is your greatest challenge when it comes to organizing meetings across your organization? Is it the constant back and forth and time wasted on finding out when everyone is available or looking for vacant rooms and free resources within your organization?

Agendex will change the way you work and connect for the better. Experience something different. Sync your calendars FREE for 45 days!

No risk, no credit card required. Click to try completely FREE for 45 Days. Works with any on premise Exchange and Microsoft 365 systems. You can be up and running in as little as 30 mins!

Access Up To 5000 Calendars in Just 30 Seconds All From One Screen!

Now you can elevate the calendar sharing experience across your organization and from one platform to another. This plugin works with your company’s existing Exchange platform as a calendar-sharing tool. No more annoying email trails, phone call confirmations, and frustrating double bookings. Simplify how you book clients, meeting rooms, and resources in one simple view.

Remove the drain and confusion of booking meetings forever. Start scheduling meetings fast and effectively with Agendex, even if you are not all on the same platform!

This timesaving power tool provides cross-system, advanced searches for availability with access to users’ internal and public calendars in less than 30 seconds.

Be the office hero, risk-free and try Agendex now FREE for 45 days!

Less Time Scheduling, More Time Doing!

Agendex Helps You Plan Better

With a limitless user capacity, it is the largest federation of calendars to make scheduling and calendar sharing everything you want it to be.

Agendex is easily integrated to work simultaneously on Exchange or Microsoft 365 systems making it your best option across internal and external companies and their contacts.


Are you ready to work smarter and get things done faster? Start your Agendex FREE TRIAL today 100% risk-free!

All Calendars At-A-Glance
Ready to reduce the time-waste and complexity traditionally associated with scheduling meetings and booking people and resources? Agendex has taken online presence and availability by storm.

Book Appointments in One Click
Share your personal calendar link to prospects and have them book appointments with you in just one click.

Get the Best out Of Everybody’s Time
Increase productivity by planning meetings and booking events when everyone is sure to be available, including that state-of-the-art boardroom you had your eye on since they installed the wide screen for your upcoming conference!

Try the best new solution for real-time calendar viewing and sharing that everyone’s raving about. Now you can view internal and external calendars at-a-glance and know exactly what everyone is up to, without firing off yet another email request manually to each attendee!

Who is Agendex good for?

Public Service​: Connecting with Your Community

Perfect for Community Centre Class Registrations, Parks & Recreation Schedules, Municipal Government Activities, Nonprofit Organization Fundraisers and so much more!

Education: Connecting with Students, Parents, and Faculty

Perfect for elementary, secondary and school boards big or small, plus colleges and universities too!

Business: Connecting with Stakeholders, B2C & B2B

Does your team waste valuable time setting up prospect and partner meetings and booking rooms? Do you need a way to see what everyone is working on at a glance? We got you covered.​

Sign up for your 45-DAY, RISK-FREE TRIAL NOW

See how Agendex can save you time and frustration when booking meetings and scheduling events, so you can focus on what really matters. It's like having your very own scheduling wizard, even if you cannot be in the office!

No risk, no credit card required. Click to try completely FREE for 45 Days. Works with any on premise Exchange and Microsoft 365 systems. You can be up and running in as little as 30mins!


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