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NGOs/ Public sectors

Calendars, Communication, Community

A calendar can be a powerful communication tool. Whether you’re a Municipality looking to connect with citizens, a Parks & Rec Department managing leagues in multiple sports, or a performing arts center sharing events and managing venue availability – Agendex can help you access that power

Charitable organizations looking to connect with donors, an NGO with public events to promote, or government departments managing multiple calendars and venue availabilities – Agendex can help you make it easier.


. Community Center

With art workshops, dance classes, work skills training, and drama club rehearsals, there are so many events, and activities to manage and communicate.


. Parks and Recreation

You’ve got leagues to schedule, facilities to manage and you need to coordinate your own operations. Parks and Rec departments need a single tool to manage internal and external calendaring.


. Municipal Governments

With internal operations, citizen communications and partner collaboration, municipal governments face significant calendaring challenges.


. Not for Profit Organization

From fundraisers to outreach programs to volunteer training sessions, your organization is continually planning events. With so many meetings and activities to manage and communicate, you need one tool to manage all your calendaring.


. NGOs

You host Think Tank meetings, sponsor speaker series, attend international conferences, and you need to run the day-to-day of your organization. With so many meetings, events, and activities to manage and communicate, you need one tool to manage all your calendaring.


. Government Departments

Government departments face the dual challenge of communicating and collaborating with citizens and businesses, as well as managing their internal operations. From public consultations to partner work sessions to internal staff meetings, there is one thing that never changes, that is the need to set up meetings.