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Licensing & Subscriptions

Agendex licensing is as simple as can be: it is licensed per Exchange system, whether your system is on premises or in Microsoft 365.


All you need to do is go to the Free Trial page, put in your info, and within a few minutes we'll have an instance running for you! You'll get an email with the details and you're ready to go!

Not initially, no. Everyone gets to try it for free for 45 days!

We want to make sure you make the right decision!

All of them! Whether you have 50, 500, or 5,000 users, Agendex is licensed per Exchange system. It doesn't matter to us how many users will be using it, or which features they will take advantage of!


50,000 users? No problem - go for it!


Absolutely not! Your subscription includes the mobile apps for as many users and as many devices as you have!


In addition, the mobile app is available publicly so anyone in the world can access your pubic calendars!


  • Once you are ready to purchase, you login to your customer portal and click “Buy”
  • You'll be redirected to our payment gateway to enter your payment info, and the total subscription amount is charged
  • Subscription is valid for one year from payment date; no refunds for cancellations
  • You will be sent a renewal reminder 1 month before subscription expiry date


  • Once you are ready to purchase, you login to your customer portal and click “Buy”
  • Monthly subscriptions are postpaid, meaning we bill for past usage
  • 4 billing dates in each month: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
  • Once you subscribe, your first billing date will be one month from the next billing date
    • Example 1: you subscribe on Sep. 14th, first billing date will be Oct. 14th for the period Sep. 14th - Oct. 14th
    • Example 2: you subscribe on Sep. 17th, first billing date will be Oct. 21st for the period Sep. 21st – Oct. 21st (effectively getting a few days free)
  • You can cancel anytime, last billing will be on your next billing date
    • Example 1: your billing date is the 14th; if you cancel on the 6th – last bill will be the next 14th
    • Example 2: your billing date is on the 7th; you cancel on the 8th – last bill will be the 7th of the next month.


Not a full subscription, no! Your default subscription allows you to connect 2 systems, regardless of whether they're on premises, in Microsoft 365, or a mix.


If you need to connect additional systems, you can add a subscription for each additional one. These are available at the cost of $100/month per system, or $1,000/year for each system.



Not complicated at all! Your instance is ready within a few minutes of registering; then you simply need to define how to access your Exchange/M365 (and give admin consent), and add service accounts. All this takes less than 10 minutes.


For more details, see the Admin Guide.

Absolutely not! Agendex only has access to the service accounts you'll create to share calendars. We do not have access to user mailboxes.


We do not persist any of your event data on our systems except IDs of events shared across systems. Data is held only in memory, and if you cancel your subscription it is permanently gone.