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Connecting with Students, Parents, and Faculty

A calendar can be a powerful communication tool for educational organizations. Whether you’re a K-12 School dealing with class schedules and parent/teacher sessions and staff meetings or a college with multiple faculties spread across several campuses – Agendex can help you access that power.

If you are using Exchange/M365, our solution breaks down the wall between internal and external users allowing you to share calendars with anyone. Your staff, faculty, and authenticated users you add can also book rooms, resources, and equipment.


. High Schools

Everything needs a calendar. From classes to sports to school dances. And that’s not even taking into account your staff and faculty events and meetings. With so many meetings and activities to manage and communicate, you need one tool for all your calendaring.


. Colleges

From faculty meetings to classes to marketing team touchpoints to maintenance schedules across multiple buildings, sometimes multiple campuses – colleges run on calendars. Having one tool to manage all your internal and external calendaring is essential.


. School Boards

School boards face the dual challenges of communicating and collaborating with parents and school administrations and managing their internal operations. From public consultations to school board member meetings to internal staff meetings, there is one thing that never changes, and that is the need to set up meetings.