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The Power of Calendar Sharing

Calendars can be a powerful communication tool for businesses, or they can become a major stumbling block. Large or small, today’s modern business depends on calendars to organize operations, collaborate with partners, and communicate with clients. If you are using Exchange/M365, Agendex can help you access your calendar’s full power.

Our solution breaks down the wall between internal and external users in Exchange/M365. It allows you to share calendars with anyone. And your team, and authenticated users you add, can also book rooms and resources for their meetings and events.


. Small to Medium Business

From booking sales meetings to marketing events to weekly team video calls, calendars play an increasingly important role for all businesses. With so many meetings and activities to manage and communicate, you need a single tool for all your calendaring.


. B2B

User summits, tradeshows, conferences, and sales meetings are all part of the fabric of life at a B2B business. Managing these events requires calendars, and in an ideal world, you could share calendars with your customers and partners. And then there are all your internal calendars like sales updates, weekly production meetings, and the list goes on. You need one tool to manage all your calendaring.


. B2C

B2C businesses are always looking for the best communications channels to reach targeted markets and build client engagement. Using public calendars to promote in-store pop-ups, product demos, and promotional events is a go-to move. But if you use Exchange/M365, you are probably using several different platforms to share public calendars.