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The Team

Pierre Chamberland​
Founder, and CEO​

Pierre is a serial tech entrepreneur with a successful company, NetGovern acquired by Ipro in July 2020. He is the visionary behind Agendex and provides the strategy, focus, and leadership. Pierre is also a highly-sought-after growth coach with 20+ years’ experience.

Jacques Sauve
Managing Director

A 30-year veteran of the IT industry, Jacques’ role as General Manager is to keep the team aligned towards its goals. A strong advocate of organization and collaboration, he is tasked with making sure that all the moving parts come together smoothly. He is an avid writer and also loves marketing, so his contributions are also felt in those areas.

All of us have been working with technology for a long time. We wondered if there was an easier way to handle certain calendaring tasks.
So we made Agendex.
Kiril Stankov
Head of Development and CTO

Kiril heads up the development team behind Agendex. His experience with taking software projects from rough ideas on the back of a napkin to fully-fledged commercial products is vital in developing and launching Agendex.

Mikaela Duncan
Head of User Experience

Mikaela is Agendex’s UX/UI guru. Known for her unique user-interface style, Mikaela is a world-renowned user-interface designer and UI developer with over 15 years of experience. Mikaela has worked in cities across the globe including Paris, New York, and Sydney. She builds clean, functional interfaces for both web and mobile.

Nicolas Blank
Technical Consultant

Nicolas is the founder, as well an architect, author and speaker focused on Office 365 and Azure at NBConsult Group in South Africa, England and Hong Kong. Nicolas is a Microsoft Certified Master for Exchange and Office 365, Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for Microsoft Office Apps and Services since March 2007.
Nicolas is a co-founder of and a contributor to thearchitects.cloud podcast and YouTube Channel, blogs at blankmanblog.com, tweets as @nicolasblank

Spike Stockdale
Communications Consultant

Spike is a born communicator with over 25 years experience in web and technology strategy, messaging and marketing. Spike is a start-up, launch, and re-positioning specialist whose mantra is “why is this important to our customers”.

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