Calendars, Unite!
Federate all your Exchange on-premises and Microsoft 365 systems to greatly simplify searching for and booking people, rooms, and resources in one unified view!
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Everybody here?
Eliminate the web of calendar shares among employees; simply share your calendar with the Agendex service accounts and make the process of viewing calendars and finding availability easier for everyone – no need to start a new meeting request to access the Scheduling Assistant.
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Let the world find you!
Make it easy for the public to find your published calendars.
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What is Agendex?

Scheduling Software Canada. Calendar synchs for people on the move.

Agendex’ mission is to eliminate the cost and complexity traditionally associated with the problem of multi-tenant free/busy searches, calendar sharing/publishing and personal/resource booking for both internal and external users. Absolutely unique on the market, Agendex works simultaneously against multiple on premises Exchange or Microsoft 365 systems.

It provides cross-system, advanced searching for availability and events, sharing your users’ choice of internal or public calendars in under 30 seconds – no complicated GPO or outlook extensions required.

Interacting with external users in your community – citizens, patients, students, etc.. is equally simple via our intuitive mobile app (iOS & Android), letting them search for, and subscribe to, all public facing calendars.

Why deploy complex external systems that expose your data or create sync issues when you already have everything inside Exchange/M365?

Who is Agendex For?

Public Service​

Is letting your community know about events and coordinating bookings of multiple venues and rooms a struggle? We got you covered.​


Is sharing calendars, and booking appointments and rooms for students, parents, and faculty a constant struggle? We got you covered.​


Does your team waste valuable time setting up prospect and partner meetings and booking rooms? Do you need a way to see what everyone is working on at a glance? We got you covered.​


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